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Кое-что для англоязычной рп коммунити>>Няф

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They were walking thought the slums. The CP, the moral and the intelligence left behind us. Slums are an awful place, where you can find all the seven bible sins in one man. Here you can find anti-citizens, bandits, alcoholics and addicts, any kind of dangerous. At the moment Ivan was looking around a bit scared. Trash everywhere, disgusting smell, low amount of lights, strange people in broken off clothes, - main attributes of slums, which always scary Ivan and most of people a lot. Why are the slums like that? Just because here CP sent people, which were departed from other cities. Why were they departed? Think yourself. Mostly because of anti-civil activity. Did they change after being transferred? No. Completely no. Did they change after getting beaten? No. Clearly no. Ivan looked at Vitali. Vitali was intense, he was scared. Few sweat drops were on his temples. This hard build Russian guy with brown hair was holding a hand made switch knife. Only idiot can go to the slums without a weapon. Of coarse you think, Vitali should be OK holding the knife. But it is not true. If you have a weapon, you worry much more, because if you hold a weapon you subconscious feel you are in danger. Of course you know, knife gives you an advantage, but you can’t tell it to your brain. Vitali is strong, he knows how to fight, he knows where to hit, but he worries. He worries a lot. Each his muscle strains after a strange sound heard, each his nerve tries to catch something strange. He always waits for a hit in his back, and his knife in the sleeve doesn’t make him braver. Outwardly Vitali doesn’t look like very scared. He looks like intense. Ivan, who was walking on the left of Vitali, was a bit less strong then his friend, he also didn’t have large knowledge about fighting as Vitali. That helped him. You ask why? Ivan felt like he is protected. Always, when you know someone is expired in conflicts, you feel safe near him. In such situation, when one man has good experience and another one hasn’t such experience, the one, which is expired, should worry for both.
- We are here. “Light Street”. Here Marc was spotted for the last time, - Ivan said feeling simplification.
- Good. Now let’s manage the third justice over the man, who stole Marc from us.
- What are you talking about?
- There are three justices in the world at the moment. First is which The Universal Union manage over humans. The second is which humans manage over the Combine. The last, which is what we manage, is the one human manage over humans.
- Wait… Man. What do you want to do at this man people talk about? You don’t want to kill him, right?
- If I find out he killed my friend, I’ll make him pay for it.
- CP will find you!
- They didn’t find the man killed Marc, right?
- We don’t know, was he killed or not.
- Well, let’s come to the place and find out everything, then we decide.
Ivan didn’t like such decision, but he has no choice. Vitali actually didn’t want to speak about this and was showing it with whole his look. Ivan didn’t think Vitali can really kill someone, but this “Third justice” has forced doubts to get into his soul.
  By the time two friends came to the place – apartment block Seven-D. Vitali resolute stepped inside the building, Ivan followed his friend. The stairs to get on the second floor two friends need to go were opposite the entrance. To reach it Ivan and Vitali need to walk thought a corridor where were some doors to apartments. Walking to the stairs the Russian friends noticed almost all the lamps have fused, and there are tablets saying “Free” on every apartment door, which look rather old. A large dust layer is on every thing in the corridor.
- Are they all abandoned? – Ivan asked the emptiness.
Ivan was thinking, why the people, who lived in the apartments, could leave them. Actually only idiots leave their apartments, because get another apartment is actually impossible. Vitali and Ivan walked up the wet and bad smelling stairs and found out, that the second floor is not better the first one. Everything is abandoned, everything is dirty. A vending machine is on the floor with wires sticking out of it, some chairs and other furniture is on the stairs in very bad condition. The one thing was out-of-theme – a opened door with turned on lights inside. Vitali looked at the numbers of abandoned apartments and found out – the opened door is apartment Seven-D-Eight, the one he and Ivan need. This seemed at least very strange. The abandoned apartment block in awful condition, and a good looking opened apartment.
- Lets go, - Vitali said to his partner.
Two mans walked thought the dark corridor, feeling scared and desire to enter the room as fast as possible. Irresponsible they started waling faster. They were almost running when entered the room.
That was a typical apartment. There was a corridor from the door to the big room. In the main room there were some furniture, and the corner of it was kitchen. Also there is a small bathroom, door to which is at the end of main room. Ivan closed the door because of a habit and it unusually clicked. Man tried to open the door, but it was closed. Then a strange sound, like something metal touched a rock, heard in the main room. Two Russian mans didn’t see the main room whole, because corner of the corridor didn’t allow them to. Vitali silently stepped forward, going to enter the main room and look who is there, but the scream stopped him. It was a very scary scream. Woman’s scream, which can make everyone’s to go mad. After someone started screaming the lights went off. Ivan was scared o the maximum. His heart was crazily beating in his breast. He stands in one position, waiting for this hell to the end. Tears of fear came to his eyes. Vitali, not like his friend, was only shocked. He tried not to think about scary things, he was thinking who can scream like that and how can he stop it. There was only one thing to do – go forward. After Vitali made one step the scream ended, but the lights didn’t turn on. Vitali stepped into the main room. It was very dark here. The curtains on the windows were such dark and black, so almost no light could get into the room. Ivan followed Vitali, trying to be closer to his brave friend. Vitali compressed the knife in his hand, being ready to kill anyone. At the moment he is like a wild beast. He can do lots of unlogged and dangerous things, just because of shock. A kind of evil, humiliating laugh heard from the dark.
- Welcome to my little hell, - the unknown person said. It was a man with very strange pronunciation. Intonations in the sentence he said looked completely random. Accents were exiting and strange.
The unknown person didn’t want to waste any time and stepped closer. It was a well built man with a big sword-like blade. Actually his weapon was more like a machete, but it was extending at the end. Were especially accurately visible man’s eyes. Both of them were opened to the maximum. A wry smile decorated man’s face.
  A Psycho. After the world changed, after the Combine took over the Earth, lots of psychos appeared all over the world. Some people found out, how to live in the new world and stay fine, some didn’t and became poor and weak, and some have gone mad after they didn’t find a way to live. One of such poor people was in front of Vitali now.
  They psycho raised his blade, holding it in the right hand, and lowered it on the left side, trying to hit Vitali’s left hand. Vitali dodged this attack and suddenly felt a hit in his wrist. He didn’t understand, for what psycho hit his hand, before the handmade switch knife hit the floor. Vitali sharply backed off. He understands – if the knife fell, it is lost. Trying to find it, when a psycho wants to cut your head off, and when it is such dark, is just stupid and suicidal. Ivan walked away from his friend. Trying to find something in the room what can help in the battle. He walked to the table and put a hand onto it, trying to grope something. He found few strange things, which has form of rectangle. The things were small and he put three in his pocket. They didn’t seem like something could help him or Vitali. Also Ivan noticed some cuts on the wood table, which looked strange. He didn’t understand what made them. The psycho noticed that Ivan walked away and ran to him. Ivan dodged the attack, and the blade cut the wood of the table. And then Ivan understood.
  This psycho didn’t kill at once; he killed a lot, which follows from his skills. Cuts on the table mean it was hit with this blade multiple times, which means every psychos victim walked here. Is everything going as psycho planned? At the moment Ivan, with all his logic, couldn’t understand the psychos psycho. He noticed only one thing – psycho plays with his and Vitali’s feelings. Ivan closed the eyes, trying to understand his feelings. Anyways, when he closed his eyes, it didn’t become darker. Anyways, now he doesn’t see this strange smile…
  Vitali was dodging mad man’s attacks one by one. The mad didn’t give him a chance to block r counterattack. His attacks were extremely fast and accurate. So Vitali was stepping back, dodging the attacks, and in one moment he found out, that it is the wall behind him. The psycho made his blade rush thought the air again and it made a sound, which Vitali and his friend heard when entered the room. Vitali dodged the attack by diving under the psycho’s hand and now he was standing near psycho’s left holding his left hand in the elbow. Vitali pressed on the mad man’s elbow harder and the “sword” fell on the floor. Vitali tried to punch disarmed psycho with his free hand, but received a strong hit in his stomach, which psycho gave him with his knee. After Vitali fell on the ground, the mad man took his weapon and hit the place, where Vitali laid. The blade made a cut on the floor.
  Vitali understood – he has no chances. This man was a professional fighter.
Breath. Left hand with sword goes to the head to protect it, right hand stays in active defense position, getting ready o catch enemies’ possible attack, a small step back made. Exhalation. Sword blows the air in pieces, going to cut enemies’ head off, right hand is near head, ready to protect it of incoming attacks, a large step forward made, torso rotates to the left to increase the force, with which left hand hits. Breath. Right leg goes to the left, left hand goes to the active defense position and right hand is still near the head. Exhalation. The torso rotates to the left, making complete revolution round the axis, which legs help to do, then left hand hits, making very strong hit, which breaks a floor lamb and almost reaches its’ target.
  This guy couldn’t be defeated, until he has such advantages, Vitali was almost at his limit, when a scream heard, child’s scream.
  “Right, he plays with our feelings, shocking us. He has a completely made plan, he doesn’t want a honest battle. He wants to kill. It is so dark here, so it is logical, that everyone unconsciously wants to reach the window and open the curtains. So, he should shocks us and kill before we let the light go inside, destroying his main advantage. So, if there is nothing, which could kill me, on the way to the window, I’ll be ready for everything and I WILL win. I will kill him” – with such thoughts Ivan steeped thought the dark, going to reach the window. He was not surprised, when it caused a scream. The psycho placed an extension, connected to a recorder, so why can’t he do that again? Every his victim was going this way, and died after being shocked. The scream scared Ivan, but he had no time to think about it. Ivan turned around and started running the side he heard sounds of breaking lamp. On the half of his short way he met the psycho going to pierce Ivan with his blade. The fast punch in the face stopped the mad man, another one made him back off. Ivan punched the psycho around 10 times, but then the psycho, who surprising good stands on his legs while getting punched, caught Ivan’s hand and threw him on the ground. When the psycho was going to finish his opponent he got slapped by Vitali. Vitali didn’t understand what happened, but he was ready to revenge for all those things this psycho made to them.
- Welcome, welcome to hell, - Vitali said.
The angry Russian man started punching and slapping his enemy again and again, trying to enclose in his blows all his anger, all his strength and all his fear. The psycho fell on the ground hurt in different places and found out he lost his weapon. The last advantage gone. Psycho started ransacking the floor with hands. Vitali was going to kill him. He was going to manage The Third Justice over this mad maniac. Only one thing stopped Vitali – strange acute pain in his leg. After a second when the pain appeared Vitali was pushed away. He couldn’t hear anything for a second or more, but when the hearing returned, Vitali heard Ivan’s call.
- Vitali, to the window! Faster!
There was no time to ask about anything, Vitali just stood up and rushed to the window. He understood what is needed. Vitali jumper thought the window, breaking it and falling from the second floor on the ground. His friend followed his example. Both of them stood up as fast as possible and looked at each other, hen at the window they jumped from. The maniac didn’t appear.
- Where?
- Anywhere, but not here. Away from this hell! – Ivan answered his friend.
Ivan helped Vitali to go, because his leg was cut with the switch knife he made once.
- I think now you are sure Marc is killed? People never disappear without a reason, never. – Vitali said by the way.
                    Wrote by Alex, based on Ivan Pustov’s  story.

Теперь на человеческом языке обьяснюсь. Писал для комьюнити по рп на тему Half Life 2. Так как она англоязычная я писал это на английском. Есть ещё арт для той же комьюнити сделанный в фотошопе, скоро выложу.




В фотошопе две недели. Помогает опыт иллюстратора. Пока только редактирую



Что ж, очень неплохо - автору респект
Только вот "идеологически" оно меня смущает очень

Some people found out, how to live in the new world and stay fine

Комбины пришли чтобы уничтожать людей.... НИКОМУ ничего хорошего под их тиранией не светило. Надеюсь, в Эпизоде 3 нам дадут уничтожить ВСЮ ИХ ПОГАНУЮ РАСУ (комбинских "Советников") и спасти ... да всю Мультивселенную, про которую распинался Брин, в конце второй Халфы




Kare Vaessen написал(а):

Комбины пришли чтобы уничтожать людей.... НИКОМУ ничего хорошего под их тиранией не светило. Надеюсь, в Эпизоде 3 нам дадут уничтожить ВСЮ ИХ ПОГАНУЮ РАСУ (комбинских "Советников") и спасти ... да всю Мультивселенную, про которую распинался Брин, в конце второй Халфы

Предлагаю вам порыскать в интернете что либо о сюжете HL2 и прочитать (или перечитать). The Universal Unioun не пришел, чтобы тупо всех перебить и ухудшать всем жизнь. Комбайны пришли дабы заимствовать технологии и все остальное (под всем остальным подразумеваю строение органических организмов и другое). Дело в том, что в HL2, как и в других играх от Valve, не раскрывается и четверти придуманной для него истории. В игре, где все построено на экшене, мы видим бесконечные битвы и только. В действительности же существует очень продуманный и вполне мирный мир.



В действительности же существует очень продуманный и вполне мирный мир.

Участь которую комбины готовили людям (всему человечеству) - это та же участь, которую Гитлер готовил "недочеловекам" (евреям и цыганам конкретно) - полное уничтожение.
Что такое "поле подавления" надеюсь знаете? Его цель исключительно проста - полный и тотальный геноцид человеческой расы...

В общем, комбинам надо СДОХНУТЬ ради того, чтобы человечество жило дальше )) 
*идеальное будущее мира Халф-Лайф*

Вихрь межпространственного портала стабилизировался, "выбросив" наружу целую эскадру тяжелых боевых кораблей
- Все готово, генерал Фримен, мы вышли на орбиту атаки
рапортовал офицер Земного Союза стоявшему перед обзорным экраном авианесущего линкора "Александр Невский", стоявшего на орбите родного мира "Универсального Союза". Гордон не стал долго думать.. ради этого момента погибли миллиарды, людей да и не только
- Приступайте
740-мм рельсовые орудия "Невского" и его "систершипов" - "Улисса С. Гранта", "Георгия Жукова" и "Адмирала Нельсона" ударили по своим целям. 25-мегатонные взрывы расцвели на поверхности огненными цветами. А тем временем, уже поднимались со стартовых катапульт торпедоносцы, несущие еще более мощные 100-мегатонные ракеты класса "космос-поверхность". Приказ Совета Альянса был четок- на этом поганом шарике не должно было остаться никакой жизни. Только тогда в Мультивселенной настанет наконец желанный мир и порядок. Для всех.....

Отредактировано Kare Vaessen (2010-01-25 17:28:13)



Никакого геноцида. Универсальный Союз ограничивает свободы людей дабы иметь над ними полный контроль и затем начинает вбирать людские традиции и привычки, изучать технологии и все тому подобное. Есть в мире Hl2 и лоялисты, те, кто считает, что Комбины принесли только лучшее в мир. Например они ссылаются на то, что MPF ограничила преступность. Вобщем неважно. Игра HL2 это шутер, и потому изложить все это было нельзя. Игрок сражается и лишь сражается. Нельзя судить по игре о мире.



Комбайны мне чем то напоминают Анклав))))) Не знаю почему)



Нельзя судить по игре о мире.

Но тем не менее, это единственный канонический источник информации....

Никакого геноцида. Универсальный Союз ограничивает свободы людей дабы иметь над ними полный контроль

Про "поле подавления" (Supression Field) слышали?
Википедия вещает (правда, увы, только на английском)
это поле было "поставлено" комбинами сразу по прибытию. А есть такая штука, как "репродуктивный возраст", что значит, что после 45-52 лет возраста женщина уже физически не способна родить ребенка. Сорок лет "работы" "поля подавления" и тотальный геноцид человечества свершился.

Есть в мире Hl2 и лоялисты, те, кто считает, что Комбины принесли только лучшее в мир. Например они ссылаются на то, что MPF ограничила преступность.

Скажем так, всегда находятся те, кому плевать на интересы народа. Они идут служить комбинам из корыстных побуждений. Таковы Брин и "верхушка".
Часть людей из тех кто на службе в "Гражданской Защите" возможно действительно заблуждаются, счаитая что делают благое дело. Эти люди обмануты грязной пропагандой комбинов
Остальные- служат потому, что им стерли память и промыли мозги, превратив в боевых биороботов



Признаю поражение. Про это не знал. В нашей Ролевой об этом как бы забывают (или не знают как я). У нас есть немало старичков :D
Быть лоялистом не обязательно значит служить Комбинам.


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